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Media Release: Labor is Delaying COVID Safeguards for Australian Community

COVID-19 vaccination rates are at all time low as the Albanese Labor Government waits for a media opportunity instead of immediately protecting vulnerable Australians.

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Transcript: Interview with Stephen Cenatiempo, 2CC - 17 November 2023


Interview with Stephen Cenatiempo, 2CC

17 November 2023

Topics: Bulk billing, primary care crisis

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Media Release: Primary Care Crisis Another Labor Broken Promise

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to hit Australian families, the Albanese Labor Government has broken its promise to make it cheaper and easier to see a doctor.

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Media Release: The Albanese Government must stand up for Australians with Diabetes

Labor has been asleep at the wheel when it comes to supporting Australians living with diabetes, and now – on World Diabetes Day - it has become clear that they have put their foot fully on the brakes.

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Media Release: Confusion and Contradictions as the PM’s COVID-19 Chaos Continues

Today, the Albanese Labor Government has been caught backpedalling on its unacceptable decision to severely limit the scope of their COVID-19 inquiry.  

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Transcript: Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News - 2 November 2023


Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News

2 November 2023

Subjects: Government's bulk billing incentive measure, GP payroll tax, Middle East conflict, Australians in Gaza 


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Media Release: Albanese Government is Misleading Australians on Bulk Billing

The Albanese Labor Government’s bulk billing initiative that came into effect today has been doubted for its efficacy, with experts stating that it is unlikely to make it cheaper or easier to see a doctor.

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Joint Media Release: Rollout of Labor’s MyMedicare Platform Creates Chaos for Doctors and Patients

The implementation of Labor’s new voluntary online patient platform, MyMedicare, has sparked chaos amongst patients and GPs.

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Transcript: Doorstop, Toowoomba - 27 September 2023


27 September 2023

Subjects: Rural and regional healthcare, Toowoomba Urgent Care Clinic, Charleville Forum

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Media Release: South Australians Sold a Lie on Urgent Care Clinics

The 5 Urgent Care Clinics promised to be established in South Australia by 1 July this year remain undelivered, as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese finally confirmed their locations today.

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