Media Release: Australia's International Sporting Reputation at Risk under Labor

The Albanese Government has failed to show any leadership for Australian athletes and sporting organisations this week, as the Queensland Government’s incompetence and chaos has been exposed.

Labor Premier Stephen Miles has wasted time and taxpayer’s money on a review he has ignored, as Queensland’s preparations of the 2032 Olympic Games remains in shambles.

The 2032 Olympic Games presents an important legacy opportunity for both Queensland and Australia, but the lack of preparation or leadership shown by either government gives the public absolutely no confidence that this opportunity will be seized.

This week it was also revealed that the Victorian Labor Government’s disastrous decision to cancel the 2026 Commonwealth Games has cost taxpayers $589 million, in a timely reminder that failing to adequately prepare for important international sporting events has serious consequences. 

Shadow Minister for Sport, Senator Anne Ruston questioned where the Prime Minister or the Minister for Sport has been as serious questions were raised on the use of $7 billion in taxpayers’ money this week.

"This has become a dog’s breakfast, but at no time has the Albanese Government made any attempt to publicly hold the Queensland Government to account. They must ensure appropriate oversight over these preparations.

“Anthony Albanese has signed over a blank cheque to the Queensland Government, who is intent on spending it for political purposes on ill-advised pet projects like the Gabba redevelopment.

"It is really concerning we still don’t have any confidence that there is a comprehensive plan in place to ensure Australia is prepared to host the 2032 Olympics, in a way that ensures value for taxpayer money and legacy for our athletes and sporting organisations.

"It was bad enough to lose the Commonwealth Games. We would be an international laughing stock if we failed on the Olympic Games, and yet the Albanese Government is clearly unwilling to stand up to Labor premiers to safeguard our international reputation," Senator Ruston said.

The Coalition calls on the Albanese Government to step in and ensure that the legacy opportunity of the 2032 Olympic Games is seized and taxpayer money is spent appropriately.


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