New breast cancer campaign - an invitation that could save your life

Australian women aged 50-74 will be invited to have free screenings for breast cancer as part of a $55 million campaign by the Australian Government.

Senator for South Australia Anne Ruston urged all women to ensure they made regular appointments for breast screenings.

"Breast screening saves lives," Senator Ruston said. "Breast cancer is the second-most common cause of cancer-related deaths among Australian women but if it’s detected and managed early, nine out of 10 cases can be successfully treated.

"Breast screening can identify cancer before symptoms appear, or before a change is noticed. Early detection means a better range of treatment options, and more successful treatment outcomes. BreastScreen Australia has been successfully operating for more than 20 years; breast cancer deaths in Australia have been reduced by more than a third.
"The ‘An invitation that could save your life’ campaign is a $55 million Government initiative aimed particularly at women aged 50 and over; more than 75% of breast cancers occur in women aged 50 and over.

"For the first time, Australian women aged 70-74 are being specifically targeted with this campaign. We anticipate an additional 220,000 breast screens will be delivered as a result of this campaign."

Senator Ruston said women would begin to receive invitations in the mail soon.

"It’s an invitation that could really save your life," she said.

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