Ministerial Forestry Statement

Media Statement on behalf of Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston, the Hon. Paul Toole MP, the Hon. Jaala Pulford MLC, the Hon. Leon Bignell MP, the Hon. Dave Kelly MLA, the Hon. Guy Barnett MP, the Hon. Ken Vowles MLA, Mr Mick Gentleman MLA:


Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

The Hon. Paul Toole MP, New South Wales Minister for Lands and Forestry

The Hon. Jaala Pulford MLC, Victorian Minister for Agriculture

The Hon. Leon Bignell MP, South Australian Minister for Forests

The Hon. Dave Kelly MLA, Western Australian Minister for Forestry

The Hon. Guy Barnett MP, Tasmanian Minister for Resources

The Hon. Ken Vowles MLA, Northern Territory Minister for Primary Industry and Resources

Mr Mick Gentleman MLA, Australian Capital Territory Minister for the Environment and Heritage 


We, the Commonwealth, state and territory forestry ministers, strongly support Australia's forestry industries. We believe that they have an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and prosperous future.

We collectively endorse the objectives of the Forest Industry Advisory Council's report, 'Transforming Australia's forest products industry'. We strongly support its vision that the forestry industries will lead the transition to a bioeconomy of which Australians can be proud and the objectives of:

  • having the right trees in the right place at the right scale
  • producing bioproducts using all parts of the tree to a cellular level
  • being environmentally friendly, socially responsible and valued by the community.

We value the industries' significant contribution to Australia's wellbeing. The forestry industries provide jobs in regional economies across Australia. It is an innovative sector, providing new products and ongoing employment in regional Australia, today and into the future.

We recognise that the industries source wood from sustainably managed forests.

We support the sustainable management of Australia’s native forests, and through this, providing timber resources for industry while protecting high value native forests.

We recognise that the forestry industries strive to balance their resource use with the maintenance of environmental and societal values.

We believe that Australia's forestry industries have an important role to play in transitioning to a lower carbon economy. Sustainable forest management and the use of emerging forest products and technologies will play an important role in delivering this future for all Australians.

We support collaboration and cooperation among all governments and industry to achieve shared outcomes.

We commit to working together to ensure the ongoing future of Australia's forestry industries.



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