Media Release: National Summit sets priorities to end gendered violence in Australia

The National Summit on Women’s Safety has asked all Australians to confront the unacceptable scourge of family, domestic and sexual violence and provided meaningful and constructive actions for change.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women Marise Payne and Minister for Women’s Safety Anne Ruston thanked all the panellists, speakers and delegates as well as all Australians who joined the national conversation.

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation chair Donnella Mills, Our Watch chief executive Patty Kinnersly and National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Alliance chief executive Sandra Creamer handed down a comprehensive Statement on behalf of all delegates which outlines key priorities to underpin the next National Plan to end violence against women and children.

Minister Payne said the Summit demonstrated all levels of government, business, educators, justice and frontline workers were committed to long-term, continuous action to end all forms of gendered violence.

“The new National Plan will pave the way to achieving our shared goal to end violence against women and children,” Minister Payne said.

“It will build on evidence and achievements from the current plan while addressing new and emerging issues such as technology-facilitated abuse and coercive control.

“It must also be targeted to the unique needs of communities affected by multiple forms of discrimination or inequality and will better address complex forms of violence and harmful cultural practices.”

Minister Ruston said the Statement brought together the key issues discussed across all panels and roundtables.

“The next National Plan to end violence against women and children must turn your insights into practical action because lives depend on it,” Minister Ruston said.

“We all must come together and be united to achieve this goal. That means each and every one of us – politicians, business and community leaders and all Australians – must accept we can do more and promise we will do more.”

For more information about the National Summit on Women’s Safety and to read the Summit Statement visit: Women's Safety Summit

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