Media Release: Ministers Missing in Action as Australian's Health Information at Risk

The Albanese Labor Government is already on vacation, with no public statements from the Health or Home Affairs Ministers whilst millions of individuals have possibly had their records stolen more than 5 days ago.

The recent St Vincent Healthcare cyber-attack is another in a string of cyber-attacks targeting extremely sensitive information from critical infrastructure.

It is imperative that the Government immediately allocates resources and implements robust cybersecurity measures to protect Australians' sensitive health information.

Australians deserve assurance that their health information is secure, and the Government must be held accountable for its failure to proactively assist health organisations in fortifying their cybersecurity defences.

Where are the Health Minister and Home Affairs Minister as Australians’ health information is at serious risk?

Considering the urgency of the situation and the lack of details on what information has been stolen, the Government must immediately come out of hiding and advise what proactive steps they are taking to assist St Vincent’s and protect all Australians private health information.

The Opposition calls on the Government to publicly confirm that they are assisting St Vincent’s and demands swift and comprehensive action to prevent further breaches. It is absolutely critical to ensure the resilience of our nation's crucial health infrastructure.


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