Joint Media Release: Leading Psychologist Calls for Health Minister's Resignation

A leading youth psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has called for the Minister for Health, Mark Butler MP’s resignation this morning following the Labor Government’s decision to rip away the additional 10 Medicare-subsidised psychology sessions introduced by the Coalition.

Dr Micheal Carr-Gregg joins the Institute of Clinical Psychologists, Suicide Prevention Australia, the Australian Association of Psychologists and other experts in condemning the Government’s decision to act against the recommendation of their own review.

While in Government, the Coalition doubled the number of Medicare-subsidised psychology sessions from 10 to 20 to ensure vulnerable Australians had access to the mental health support they needed.

Now, the Labor Government is blatantly cutting Medicare, showing a complete disregard for the importance of accessible mental health support for Australians, particularly in these difficult times.

Australians are rightly questioning the Minister’s priorities and judgement as he rips away this support, at a time when Australians are dealing with the ongoing impacts of natural disasters and the pandemic, compounded by the government’s inability to deliver any meaningful cost of living relief.

In the absence of any logical reason for the decision, it looks like the Labor Government has prioritised the Budget bottom line over the mental health of vulnerable Australians.

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