Media Release: Labor is Delaying COVID Safeguards for Australian Community

COVID-19 vaccination rates are at all time low as the Albanese Labor Government waits for a media opportunity instead of immediately protecting vulnerable Australians.

The Government has failed to roll out new COVID-19 vaccinations as quickly as possible to safeguard Australians ahead of the Christmas period, as the brief remains unsigned in the Minister’s in-tray.

It is astounding that protecting vulnerable Australians is not a priority for this government, with 48 aged care residents having died from COVID in the last week alone.

Latest data from the Department of Health and Aged Care reveals a stark reality - only 27.3% of Australians aged 75 and above are currently protected against the virus.

With vaccination rates this low, it is clear that the Aged Care Minister has completely abandoned the older Australians she promised to care for.

Shockingly, the protection rate drops to a mere 5.5% for individuals aged 18 to 64.

Despite this, has been no media campaign or public press conferences with the Chief Medical Officer to increase awareness and transparency amongst the Australian community.

At a time when hospitals are dealing with historic ramping, bulk billing rates continue to plummet and it is harder and more expensive to see a GP, the Government must explain why they have not immediately accepted ATAGIs advice and rolled out the new vaccination.

With our healthcare system facing escalating challenges, now is not the time for the Minister to be dragging his feet on signing a brief to protect the Australian people.

This government’s complete lack of focus on proactive health measures is exacerbating the crisis in our healthcare system and putting Australian lives at risk.

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