Media Release: Labor avoids Budget scrutiny

The Albanese Labor Government is not only avoiding general scrutiny with their ‘light on’ Parliamentary sitting calendar, but they are avoiding budget scrutiny by cutting the usual time allocated for Budget Senate Estimates.

Budget Estimates are critical to scrutinise the proposed expenditure and decisions made by the Government in their budget.

Considering this will be the first budget delivered by this Labor Government, it is essential that we have adequate time for scrutiny.

When the Coalition was elected in 2013 we had eight days of Estimates so the opposition could carefully scrutinise our budget.  

The newly elected Albanese Government is only offering six days which is an insultingly inadequate amount of time for fulsome examination of a new Government’s Budget.   

This Government’s promise of transparency and accountability are just hollow promises with their sitting calendar proof that they have no intention of being transparent and accountable. 

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