Media Release: International Whaling Commission rejects proposal to resume commercial whaling

The Australian Government welcomes the International Whaling Commission’s rejection of a proposal to overturn the global moratorium on commercial whaling. The Commission also rejected attempts to weaken its decision-making rules and establish catch-limits for commercial whaling.

The Australian Government worked hard with partner countries in the Commission to achieve this outcome. Our delegation’s strong advocacy was successful in having the Japanese proposal to resume whaling rejected, following intense lobbying of member nations and non-government representatives from many parts of the world.

Australia was one of just three countries, out of the total 75 nations present, to send a ministerial representative to the conference.

Our advocacy in Brazil follows high-level representations by the Australian Government to Japan expressing our strong support for the continued global moratorium on commercial whaling. It also builds on many years of work by Australia to bring about a permanent end to commercial and so‑called ‘scientific’ whaling. We will continue to oppose any further efforts to overturn the global moratorium.

During time in country the delegation also supported the Southern Ocean Research Partnership. The partnership explores the health, dynamics and environmental linkages of whales without implementing lethal means. You do not need to kill whales to research them.

We will continue to work hard in order to strengthen the Commission and protect whales.

While we disagree on whaling, Australia and Japan enjoy a deep and strong bilateral relationship with extensive and growing partnerships in trade and regional security matters.

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