Joint Media Release: Rollout of Labor’s MyMedicare Platform Creates Chaos for Doctors and Patients

The implementation of Labor’s new voluntary online patient platform, MyMedicare, has sparked chaos amongst patients and GPs.

The new online platform, which opened on 1 October 2023, allows for patients to enrol with a registered general practice, providing local doctors with more comprehensive information about their regular patient.

But according to the President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Nicole Higgins, GPs have been left confused by the new system because they were unaware of a requirement to log into PRODA, an online identity verification and authentication system run by Services Australia.

Ms Higgins told GPNews on Monday that the technical mishap had created “unnecessary stress and confusion” for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Shadow Minister for Health and Aged Care, Senator the Hon Anne Ruston, said that at a time when our GPs are overrun due to workforce shortages and the significant pressure on our healthcare system, the last thing the Government should be doing is adding to the burden.

‘Poor communication is becoming a concerning trademark of the Albanese Labor Government, and we are seeing this time and time again when it comes to Australia’s healthcare sector,’ Senator Ruston said.

‘The Government must start working with Australia’s health professionals through proper consultation if they want to actually ease the burden on the system, because right now all they are doing is making things harder.’

Shadow Minister for Government Services and the Digital Economy Paul Fletcher said enhancing digital health channels must be a priority for the federal government.

“The Albanese Labor Government’s failure to properly communicate with general practices on the rollout of MyMedicare is undermining trust in government-supported data and digital projects,” Mr Fletcher said.

“With vital digital identity legislation soon to be in Parliament, it is essential that Government Services Minister Bill Shorten get on top of his brief and ensures Services Australia is actively working with stakeholder departments to deliver government services and payments smoothly.

“Failure to do so may further erode trust in the capability of the federal government to securely manage high-value digital transformation, such as reforms to digital identity.”


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