$670,000 to fix black spots in Adelaide electorate

More than $670,000 has been allocated to fix road black spots in the Federal electorate of Adelaide as part of the Australian Government's record $500 million investment in the national Black Spot program.

Senator for South Australia Anne Ruston welcomed the funding for Adelaide black spots announced today by Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs.

"Black Spot projects target dangerous roads and intersections to save lives and reduce road trauma, ensuring our local roads are safer for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians," Senator Ruston said.

"These projects in the Federal electorate of Adelaide, totalling more than $670,000, were recommended by a panel of international road safety experts and will be delivered in the 2014-15 financial year.

"Anyone can suggest an intersection or stretch of road they believe should be considered for a safety upgrade, and I strongly encourage South Australian councils and individuals to submit proposals."

The approved projects in the Federal electorate of Adelaide are:

  • Greenhill Rd, Parkside - $520,000 to extend the median to ban right turns in and out of Anglo Ave; add a U-turn area east of Anglo Ave; extend the right turn lane east and west of George St and Hutt St and add right turn arrows; extend the right turn lane on the western approach to Glen Osmond Rd.
  • West Tce and Gouger St, Adelaide - $60,000 to install a traffic island and additional traffic signals on the Gouger St approach; extend the existing bicycle lane on Gouger St to West Tce; and install a dedicated bicycle crossing across West Tce.
  • Brougham Pl and Sir Edwin Smith Ave, North Adelaide - $35,000 to install an indented right turn island; alter one lane line marking to shared use between the through- and right-turn movement; and remodel phasing to limit filter returns.
  • Grote St and Morphett St, Adelaide - $30,000 to remodel traffic signals to include a right-turn arrow from Morphett St (south-bound direction).
  • Frome Rd and McKinnon Parade, North Adelaide - $27,000 to install a protected right-turn treatment; install 'keep clear' signage to stop queuing over the intersection; and improve the formality of the intersection.

Senator Ruston said a recent evaluation of the Black Spot program found that fatal and casualty crashes are reduced at treated sites by 30%, equalling one life per year for every 84 projects.

"This program delivers genuine results by saving lives and returning around $7.70 for every $1 invested by reducing the number and cost of road crashes," she said.

Further information about the Black Spot program, including nomination forms, can be downloaded from http://investment.infrastructure.gov.au/funding/blackspots/index.aspx.

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