Seafood Directions 2015 Media Release 26 October 2015

Clear communication required to drive seafood directions


Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, showcases a significant investment to assist the Australian seafood industry to better tell its story at Seafood Directions Conference.

Minister Ruston said clear communication was critical in cutting through the misperceptions about the Australian seafood industry and fisheries management.


“Australia’s fisheries should be rightly regarded as among the best and most sustainable in the world,” Minister Ruston said.


“Our fisheries management is based on the best available science and research, and the result is some of the most responsibly sourced, cleanest, greenest, tastiest and diverse seafood available anywhere on Earth.


“For example, through our careful management, we have seen the eastern Orange Roughy stock rebuilt to a level where it can be commercially fished for the first time in 10 years, as well as increases to sustainable catch limits for our Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery.


“These are just some of the fantastic fisheries stories we have to tell—and that’s why the government is helping industry to better communicate Australia’s seafood story.

Minister Ruston said that it was essential to counter anti-fishing campaigns that were in some cases not only inaccurate emotional representations of the industry, but  also falsely  challenged not only the science that underpins the management of Australian fisheries, but the legitimacy of commercial fishing in the eyes of the public.

“It is a battle for the hearts and minds of Australian Seafood consumers”, she said. .

Minister Ruston presented extensive market research and draft creative concepts for industry to further develop at the Seafood Directions conference.


“The draft creative concepts for this strategy—including the suggested tag line “Australian Seafood – the best from our island home”—are about establishing a powerful identity that would increase pride in our seafood industry and the people that catch, grow and harvest that seafood,” Minister Ruston said.


“The draft material is supported by extensive market research, and has been developed in consultation with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and industry leaders across the fisheries sector.


“The strategy concept also involves communicating better with the Australian community about the science and compliance regime that underpins the management of our fishing industries—so everyone can better understand just how hard we work to protect this precious resource, and the benefit it delivers to the Australian economy and community.”


The government will continue to work with the seafood industry to further develop and implement the final strategy and to continue to improve the way we tell our sustainable and healthy seafood story.”


Today’s announcement was made at the Seafood Directions conference, which runs from 25–27 October in Perth. For more information visit:

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