Ruston calls for elimination of testing cosmetics on animals

A motion moved in Parliament today by Senator for South Australia Anne Ruston urges the Australian Government to investigate measures to eliminate testing of cosmetic products on animals in Australia.

“I think it’s time we acknowledged that most Australians consider testing cosmetic products or their ingredients on animals is unnecessary and – in many cases – cruel,” Senator Ruston said.

“This is not about relaxing safety standards. The safety of consumers must always be the priority consideration in the manufacture or sale of cosmetic products in Australia.

“This motion is aimed at ensuring that in the development of cosmetic products and ingredients in Australia, only those which can be verified as safe by using testing methods which do not involve animals should be allowed for manufacture and sale.

“The regulatory framework for cosmetics is unnecessarily complex and this motion is a first step in the process of unravelling the laws and regulations which require animal tests.”

Senator Ruston welcomed the strong support for the motion from her fellow senators Lee Rhiannon (Greens), Lisa Singh (Labor), Leader of the Palmer United Party (PUP) in the Senate, Glenn Lazarus, Zhenya Wang (PUP), Barry O’Sullivan (Nationals), Nick Xenophon and Ricky Muir (Motor Enthusiasts Party).

“I extend my thanks to my colleagues in the Senate for their support of this motion, particularly Senator Rhiannon who has been very active in this policy space,” she said. “The wide support for this motion is very encouraging and reflects what the public wants.

“It’s important to note that in aspiring to eliminate animal testing of cosmetics, there will need to be an inclusive and open consultation process with industry, consumers and other stakeholders. In my own consultation with stakeholders I’m convinced there is goodwill and support among them all to achieve this worthy goal.”

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