Research relocation a cause for celebration

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, today welcomed the Coalition Government delivering on its commitment to relocate government rural research agencies closer to regional Australia. 

Senator Ruston said the relocations, which included the establishment of an office of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and the Grains Research and Development Corporation in Adelaide, will boost the prosperity of local economies and communities. 

"This is a positive move, relocating agencies with a strong rural focus closer to the industries that they serve," Senator Ruston said. 

"Two rural research and development corporations (RDCs) will move to South Australia to increase their regional presence, which will boost jobs and growth in areas connected to rural and regional Australia. 

"As well as being close to vibrant farming communities, Adelaide also has some of the best agricultural universities and research facilities in the country. 

"It is a logical move, as these two RDCs are focused on rural research—including grains, fisheries and aquaculture —and strong links should exist with universities and farmers on the ground in these industries. 

"South Australia is home to some fantastic fisheries, such as Southern Bluefin Tuna and Southern Rock Lobster. 

"Setting up a regional office in Adelaide will allow FRDC closer and better access to the geographical spread of its industry stakeholders and improve engagement. 

"The Adelaide office will also be used by FRDC as a model for further regional offices. 

"This is welcome news for my home state. Along with an office of the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation will have four to six positions in Adelaide," Senator Ruston said. 

"Relocating government agencies closer to industry is part of our commitment to boost rural and regional jobs growth and investment."

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