Productivity Commission inquiry into regulation of the Australian marine fisheries and aquaculture sectors

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston
Treasurer, Scott Morrison


Today the Turnbull Government has released the terms of reference for the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into regulation of the Australian marine fisheries and aquaculture sectors.​

The Productivity Commission will now commence its inquiry.

While our regulatory systems have important objectives, they need to be regularly reviewed to ensure they are still fit for purpose.

Regulations protect consumers from unsafe food, protect the environment and support our exporting industries.

However, poorly implemented and administered regulation and the cumulative impact of regulation can have adverse effects on businesses.

The inquiry will focus on opportunities to increase productivity and cut unnecessary and costly regulation, including where regulations are poorly coordinated between jurisdictions.

The emphasis will be on considering whether there are opportunities to improve fisheries regulations without compromising fishery policy and environmental objectives.

The Productivity Commission will consult broadly with government and non-government stakeholders in developing its recommendations, and will have regard to submissions made to the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper and the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia and other relevant material in the public domain.

The Productivity Commission is due to report within 12 months.

Public consultation will be undertaken as part of the inquiry, with information and terms of reference for the inquiry available on the Productivity Commission website​.

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