Media Release: Wood—an abundant source of renewable base-load energy!

On International Day of Forests 2017, the Turnbull Government re-affirms its strong support of Australia’s forestry industry.

"We support the jobs of hard working local people in the forest industries. Everyone should be celebrating our forestry industry, not demonising it," Assistant Minister Anne Ruston said.

"A strong timber industry means towns in regional Australia prosper—they keep their schools, shops and hospitals.

"What's more, there are significant and expanding opportunities to utilise the energy in our forests."

This year’s theme for world forestry day is "Forests and Energy"—recognising that wood is a major source of the world's renewable energy.

The Turnbull Government recognises the expanding opportunities to utilise wood energy from our forests.

"We have re-introduced native forest wood waste into the Renewable Energy Target," Assistant Minister Anne Ruston said.

"This will help Australian companies earn renewable energy certificates for the energy they generate from wood biomass. 

"It provides an economic incentive to remove wood waste from forests, reducing fuel loads and fire risk.

"The UN recognises on this International Day of Forests that sustainably managed forests are a vital source of the world’s renewable energy.

"Wood is the original stored energy—it’s carbon positive, it provides base load power and it’s been used as a source of energy for generations.

"Wood energy from the forest—a major source of the world’s renewable energy.​"

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