Media Release: Support for vulnerable Peninsula women to find work

A re-elected Morrison Government will provide up to $360,000 for the Mornington Peninsula Foundation to support women experiencing social isolation and financial vulnerability to find employment.

Liberal Candidate for Flinders Zoe McKenzie said the funding would support 50 local women to find a job through the foundation’s locally driven employment program over the next two years.

“Having worked alongside the Mornington Peninsula Foundation in various capacities, I’m very proud to make this commitment as it a policy area that’s very close to my heart,” Ms McKenzie said.

“We know that vulnerable women often find it difficult to find work. We also know that having a job brings immense benefits such as improved mental health, better financial stability and a sense of dignity and purpose.

“This funding will break down the barriers and provide the pathways for local women to find employment and improve their lives.

“With the unemployment rate for women at its lowest level since 1974 and the gender pay gap also at record lows, only the Coalition is delivering for woman and this commitment builds upon that.”  

Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said the local employment program would match prospective employees with businesses seeking staff.

“Through financial training, peer support and practical guidance, the Morrison Government is committed to giving people the tools and confidence they need to re-enter the workforce and secure paid employment,” Minister Ruston said.

“This employment program is being co-designed by women experiencing isolation as well as local support workers and will provide mentoring and mental health services.”

Executive Director of the Mornington Peninsula Foundation, Stephanie Exton, said the organisation was dedicated to reducing socio economic disadvantage through access to learning and education.

“90 per cent of families accessing our services are single mothers or grandmothers who are disempowered through financial stress,” Ms Exton said.

“This funding will enable us to work with local women through our community partnerships so they can support their children and break the cycle of disadvantage.”

The Morrison Government is committed to building a stronger economy and this local funding is part of our plan for a stronger future for Australia and the people of Flinders.

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