Media Release: National Redress Scheme committed to greater accountability and transparency

The number of institutions participating in the National Redress Scheme has more than doubled as the Morrison Government continues to pressure organisations to sign up.

Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said there were 162 non-government institutions participating in the Scheme, up from 67 last year in addition to the Commonwealth, states and territories.

“I am encouraged that a significant number of institutions and sites have completed the steps to join the Scheme,” Minister Ruston said.

“At a recent meeting with state and territory ministers we all agreed it is unacceptable that institutions with redress liability have not yet joined the Scheme.”

“We agreed to consider the use of all available levers to pressure non-participating institutions to join as a matter of urgency.”

The total number of sites including churches, schools, children’s homes and charities across Australia that have joined the Scheme has increased from 41,900 to 47,600 and means that more than 200 applications which had been on hold could now be progressed.

Minister Ruston said the Government would also develop a reporting framework over the coming months to set out appropriate timeframes for finalising applications.

“The Morrison Government with the states and territories have agreed on the need for greater accountability and transparency to ensure redress payments are being delivered in line with community expectations,” Minister Ruston said.

“We understand and acknowledge this has been a slower process than survivors had hoped which is why we want to ensure applicants and the wider community have more information about the application process and progress.”

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