Media Release: Legislation activates Export and Regional Wine Support Package

Legislation enacted today will help deliver an ambitious $50 million, three-year plan to increase the value of wine exports up to $2.8–2.9 billion and bring $170 million worth of wine tourism to regional communities.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Anne Ruston said Australia’s wine sector had enjoyed significant success in recent years following on market access gains, with exports to mainland China up 56 per cent year on year at the close of September 2017, but there was potential to grow exports even further.

“The legislation gives Wine Australia the authority to manage grants and programs aimed at bringing 40,000 more international visitors to Australia per year to visit wine regions,” Minister Ruston said.

“It also gives Wine Australia the authority to implement and facilitate programs to transform the cider industry, by building knowledge of potential export markets and developing improved understanding for accessing these markets.”

The legislation formally changes the name of the authority from the Australian Grape and Wine Authority to Wine Australia.

The legislation does not in other ways affect the operations of Wine Australia, other than simplifying the organisation’s name and giving it the power to fully manage the $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

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