Media Release: International Day of Rural Women 2018

Today on the International Day of Rural Women we celebrate the contribution rural women provide to their communities.

There will be no stopping the next generation of younger girls coming into leadership opportunities.

Rural women, underpinned by their work ethic and merit, should have no barriers placed on their potential.

In developing countries women make up nearly half of the agricultural workforce but face significant challenges accessing land, education, markets and credit to finance their businesses.

Enabling women and girls’ economic participation substantially increases economic growth in local communities, and in domestic and international economies.

In our region, Australian investment supports rural women through a number of different means, aiming to secure improvements in economic participation, education, social protections, eliminating violence against women, and enhancing women’s voice in decision-making.

Women have long been the backbone of regional communities.

We will continue to work to advance opportunities for rural women and girls in Australia, the Pacific, and around the world.

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