Media Release: Increased access to the National Redress Scheme for Indigenous Australians

Retta Dixon Home will now be covered by the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse allowing survivors to have their applications progressed.

Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said Commonwealth has agreed to be a Funder of Last Resort for the period prior to 1978 when the Northern Territory’s self-government arrangements came into place.

New South Wales, South Australian, Tasmanian and Victorian governments have also agreed to be a Funder of Last Resort for an additional 17 defunct institutions including 11 United Aborigines Mission institutions, the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs, Umeewarra Mission, Umeewarra Mission Children’s Home, Northcote Home, Ten20 Foundation and the Launceston Girls’ Home.

Minister Ruston said this announcement means more than 44 applications could now be progressed and encouraged all survivors who may have been holding off putting forward an application to do so to and be considered for redress.

“Sharing accountability for redress acknowledges that all parties have a role to play in improving the Scheme for survivors,” Minister Ruston said.

The Scheme will continue to work with the Australian Indigenous Ministries to bring them into the Scheme in respect of their other activities separate to Retta Dixon Home.

The Morrison Government is also today acting on its commitment to improve the Scheme with the introduction of a Bill to Parliament which will establish a $10,000 advance payment for priority applicants who are elderly or terminally ill.

“This is the first step in our commitment to implement the recommendations of the Second Year Review,” Minister Ruston.

“I will continue to work with state and territory governments through the Redress Ministers’ Governance Board to seek agreement to make further legislative changes, in particular, to further expand Funder of Last Resort arrangements.”

Further information about the National Redress Scheme is available on the website:

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