Media Release: Improving the National Redress Scheme

More survivors of institutional child sexual abuse will now be eligible to receive redress as the Morrison Government delivers on its commitment to expand Funder of Last Resort provisions under the National Redress Scheme. 

Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said some survivors are currently unable to access Redress because an institution no longer exists or the institution cannot participate in the Scheme.

“The Morrison Government has committed $22.8 million to step in and cover defunct institutions where there is no government responsibility for abuse and for existing institutions that do not have the financial capacity to join,” Minister Ruston said.

“State and territory partner governments have agreed to cover fifty per cent of expanded Funder of Last Resort costs to ensure coverage of institutions across the country.

“We are committed to constantly improving the Scheme and expanding Funder of Last Resort arrangements in these circumstances is the right thing to do for survivors, and another step in our commitment to implement the recommendations of the Second Year Review.

“We are also working hard to make sure that every institution with a history of working with young people joins the Scheme no matter when a survivor comes forward to access redress through the Scheme.

“I will continue to name and shame recalcitrant institutions who are determined not to join the Scheme and ensure they receive no Federal funding, and run the risk of their charitable status being revoked.”

To date the Commonwealth, all state and territory governments and 542 non-government organisations covering more than 69,600 sites such as churches, schools, homes, charities and community groups across Australia are participating in the Scheme.

As at 12 November 2021, the Scheme had received 12,612 applications and 6,706 payments have been made totalling more than $575.3 million. A further 620 offers have been made to applicants. The average payment is $85,700

The Commonwealth will provide a full response to the Second Year Review in early 2022.

Further information about the National Redress Scheme is available here.

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