Media Release: Hope for Families Fighting Neuroblastoma

The Coalition welcomes the Minister for Health’s announcement today that every Australian child with high-risk Neuroblastoma will be provided free access to the groundbreaking new medicine, known as DFMO, in Australian hospitals.

Neuroblastoma is an extremely rare and aggressive childhood cancer occurring most commonly between the ages of 0-5 years. Tragically, only 50% of children diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma will survive. However, access to DFMO has been found to dramatically improve survival rates.

The Coalition recognised that children fighting high risk Neuroblastoma could not afford to wait.

We have been calling on the Government to support Australian families with accessing this potentially lifesaving treatment, through estimates hearings, on the floor of Parliament and in letters to the Minister.

But it is the passionate advocacy of these families, who have experienced the heartbreak of supporting their child fight this insidious cancer, that has led to this announcement today.

Today, as Australian children with high-risk Neuroblastoma have been given access to a treatment that could save their life, we recognise the many parents across the country who have fought for this outcome.

We recognise these children’s bravery as they go through the unimaginable journey of fighting Neuroblastoma.

And we recognise the advocacy of Neuroblastoma Australia, which has created an enduring legacy for young Sienna Hoffmann.

The Coalition calls on the States and Territories to now facilitate this treatment without delay.


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