Media Release: Great news for lovers of Australian tuna

The 2017-18 season for Australia’s Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery (ETBF) starts today, with increased catch limits.

This is great news for Australian lovers of sushi and sashimi, as this fishery is the main source of high quality, fresh yellowfin tuna to eastern Australia.

Consumers can be confident that the fish they eat comes from a sustainably managed fishery. This is due to the fishery being managed according to best available science. 

Good management by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and a strong commitment from industry have ensured the future of the fishery. 

Good fisheries management is good for consumers, good for fishing companies and good for fish. It means jobs and economic growth for regional Australia. 

One operator, Walker Seafoods Australia, has received Marine Stewardship Council certification, which recognises the sustainability of its tuna business. It is the first tuna business in Australia to receive this certification.

Further investment is also occurring on the NSW south coast with the Abbott family building a new 25 metre, state-of-the art, longlining catamaran, reflecting its confidence in the future of the fishing industry. 

The ETBF is one of only a small number of tuna fisheries in the Pacific to limit the amount that each boat can catch.

More information on the management of the ETBF can be found at ​​

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