Media Release: Day one of a stronger social security safety net

From today the rate of working age payments will be permanently boosted following the historic passage of the Strengthening Income Support package through Parliament in March.

The package will increase the base rate for about 1.9 million working age payment recipients by $50 per fortnight, including about 1.1 million JobSeeker Payment recipients, at a cost of $9 billion across the forward estimates.

Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said the Morrison Government had put in place the biggest year on year increase to the rate of unemployment benefits since 1986.

"On top of that, recipients of JobSeeker and other related payments will start benefitting today from the bolstered $150 per fortnight income free area meaning they can keep more of what they earn through work," Minister Ruston said.

The increased payment rates and higher income free area have been timed with the cessation of the Coronavirus Supplement which was a temporary, emergency response that came into place when the labour market effectively closed overnight with the onset of the pandemic.

"During the pandemic the Morrison Government has paid out more than $20 billion in temporary support," Minister Ruston said.

"Jobs are returning and the number of unemployed persons for every job vacancy has since fallen below pre lockdown levels to 4.2 unemployed persons per vacancy.

Recipients of JobSeeker and other related payments will start to see an increased rate from their next regular payment date. The final instalment of Coronavirus Supplement will be included in recipients' next regular payment.

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