Media Release: Cashless Debit Cards now available through the Traditional Credit Union

Traditional Credit Union has now begun issuing Cashless Debit Cards in the Northern Territory to new program participants.

Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said this change gives Cashless Debit Card participants more choice and flexibility when it comes to their personal banking.

“The Traditional Credit Union is a well-known and trusted banking institution in the Northern Territory offering banking services that meet the needs of Indigenous Australians in regional and remote communities,” Minister Ruston said.

“This partnership is allowing Northern Territory program participants to do all their banking in one place with the Traditional Credit Union able to offer seamless support across both Cashless Debit Card and standard accounts.”

New participants can now choose the Traditional Credit Union Cashless Debit Card, while existing Cashless Debit Card participants can choose Traditional Credit Union as their preferred issuer from early 2022.

The Indue issued Cashless Debit Card continues to be an option for new and existing Cashless Debit Card participants in the Northern Territory.

The Government is continuing to work with communities and their leaders to identify critical issues and support needs in communities where the Cashless Debit Card operates. 

More information about the Traditional Credit Union Cashless Debit Card is available on or the Department of Social Services website.

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