Media Release: Assistance extended for flood and storm-affected communities in NSW

The Australian Government is extending the period that mutual obligation requirements will be lifted for communities affected by flooding and storms in New South Wales. 

These contingency arrangements, which were due to expire on Tuesday 6 April, will be extended until Sunday, 11 April 2021 inclusive. 

This will cover 64 affected Local Government Areas in New South Wales declared eligible for the Australian Government’s Disaster Recovery Payment and Disaster Recovery Allowance. 

No job seeker in the affected areas will face payment suspension or financial penalties for failing to meet their mutual obligation requirements, such as not being able to attend appointments or activities. 

Job seekers are still being encouraged to remain connected to employment services to ensure they are supported to access the full range of assistance including mental health services, if required. 

These arrangements will apply to job seekers in jobactive, Online Employment Services, Disability Employment Services and participants in ParentsNext.

More information about mutual obligations requirements can be found at

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