e Newsletter 2 October 2015

NBN, Industry Leaders Fund Awards, Our Role in Our Great Future, Innovation, Yorke Peninsula Field Days

NBN Blast Off


The first stage of the National Broadband Network’s $2 billion satellite system has been launched aboard an Ariane rocket from French Guiana in South America.

This is great news for rural and regional Australians with our first dedicated broadband satellite destined to provide vastly improved broadband internet services. 


Industry Leaders Fund Awards


Congratulations goes to all 33 South Australian recipients of the Industry Leaders Award Fund who have received a record $392,000 to enable them to study at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford as well as University of South Australia, Adelaide, and other institutions.

Such schemes are proof that we are acting positively to equip our future leaders to capitalise on the opportunities that lay ahead providing we embrace change and seek to be innovators and ready to take on the world.


Our Role in Our Great Future

As Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources I commit myself to working tirelessly with the Prime Minister, Minister Barnaby Joyce, and the entire Coalition team to ensure that South Australians benefit from future opportunities provided by hard work, ingenuity, and good Government. We need the strongest possible South Australian representation in Canberra to achieve our goals.

Our great South Australian rural sector and allied industries and enterprises require a Coalition Government and strong leadership to ensure the return of three Liberal Senators at the next election. 


South Australian Innovation at Its best

I was delighted to launch a world’s leading technology air conditioner at Seeley International along with former SA Premier Dean Brown.

Seeley International not only exports its products throughout the world, but invents, designs, and manufactures right here in South Australia.

Frank Seeley and his company is a model of the success that can be achieved by leveraging new opportunities in a changing world.


Yorke Peninsula Field Days

This week I spent two days getting my boots dirty at the Yorke Peninsula Field Days.  I am pictured here with Eglinton Brothers proprietor Malcolm Eglinton.



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